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Northrup Grumman Innovations Systems Scholarship

Northrup Grumman Innovations Systems/Magna Chamber of Commerce Scholarship
Recommended Criteria 2020


$1,500 for Outstanding Achievement (Science/Mathematics Category)
$1,000 for Excellent Achievement (Science/Mathematics Category)
$ 500 for Merit Achievement (General Category)


  1. Graduating high school seniors from Cyprus High School are eligible. Preference will also be given to students
    intending to pursue studies at a Utah institution of higher learning.
  2. U. S. Citizenship.
  3. Academic achievement: overall minimum GPA of 3.6. For Science/Mathematics category, GPA in math and
    science courses should exceed 3.6 average.
  4. Completion of a formal application. Applicants should complete the attached form, and include a one-page
    essay about her/his educational goals and career interests. Applicant should also list and describe memberships
    and associations and other extracurricular activities. A high school transcript of courses completed and grades
    earned should be included.
  5. Letter of references/recommendation. A one-page letter should be written by the nominating faculty to reiterate
    the reasons for nomination, including personal observations of the applicant’s progress and achievements.
  6. Applicant selection: For Science/Mathematics category, applicants should be nominated by the math and
    science faculty. For the General category, applications should be nominated by faculty from the specific
    subject area. The selected applicants should meet all criteria included in this outline.
  7. The Selection Committee as designated by the Magna Chamber of Commerce will review the applications and
    select scholarship recipients. The decision of the Selection Committee is final.
  8. Deadlines. Candidates should complete and submit their applications to Magna Chamber of Commerce by
    May 29, 2020. All applications need to be received at no later May 29th. Scholarship recipients will recognized and notified by Magna Chamber and Northrup Grumman no later than
    June 19th.

Northrup Grumman Innovations Systems MCoC 2020 Scholarship Application